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Harry Borcherding specializes in mental health conditions for adults.

Psychiatric care from a personal perspective.

Focusing on consistent care in a virtual environment, Harry Borcherding specializes in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating mental health conditions for adults. With over 18 years of experience in mental health, Harry has a depth of understanding to help you with your mental health concerns.
harry borcherding PMHNP

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5 Star Reviews

I consider myself extremely fortunate to be a patient of Harry Borcherding If you are searching for a gifted, experienced, empathetic mental health provider in Central Oregon, I would highly recommend Harry Borcherding at High Desert Psychiatry. His knowledge of the full spectrum of mental health therapies, treatments, and prescriptions medications for treatment of such conditions of mental health illnesses. Thank you Harry for drastically changing my life.

I went to see Harry for an eval. He was very kind and thorough. I never felt as if I was being interrogated or questioned, he was simply getting to know me and the struggles I was having. His office is very comforting, as it is an old home, and the environment was overall great. Highly recommend.

Doctor Harry Borsheding is an amazing man to talk to. He is quick and efficient. He is thorough and knows your story but doesn’t judge you for having a sick mind. He gives you time to share and make progress at your own pace. He justifies my feelings and thoughts. He offers solutions to my way of thinking. He answered 2 of the most important questions in my life about bipolar 2 mental illness. I’ve had mental health counselors since December of 1992. No one has had a straight answer until now for me. From Harry. I was blessed to cross his path.

My first visit with Harry was very informative which I needed at that moment. Someone who is experienced in the area that I needed help with. I have been visiting with him for some time now and I appreciate his professionalism and expertise. I would definitely recommend High Desert Psychiatry.